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I look at the Crab nebulae - a place of death. A place where a cataclysmic explosion, far more immense than anyone can comprehend, ended all life. Everything, planets, moons, civilizations, feelings and crickets, for billions of miles ceased to exist. All perished in a brief moment of time.

What lives, souls, ideas perished? As I stare, I can't help but think - this light, this light, photons - have traveled for eons, traversed immeasurable distances of space without encountering any obstacles. And now they finally have come to rest in my eyes.

Here at last to be converted from one form of energy to another. - Yet, somehow, I feel and know that at least a very small part of some intelligent being has been transformed and now comes to rest in a cell somewhere in my brain, - and it feels warm and good. A lonely voyager has found a resting place. I now am the keeper and host to part of the universe.

My eyes now gaze at the Orion nebula - a birthplace - cradle of stars. And I think - here future planets will someday evolve, life may begin. I am privileged to witness the early light of a new born sun - a sun that may someday warm the waters of a far away ocean, an ocean that will bring life to an as of yet unborn planet. And I saw. And I feel good. For now I hold a small spark of that light in a secret place in my being. And I feel warm. And my soul feels warm.


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